Foaling Mare

Foaling Mare

Scheduling frequent night checks can be an important part of making sure the foaling is attended. The foaling process is divided into three stages.

Newborn Foals

Management of pregnant mares 2

At birth, there is also a timeline of important events which will help you make a preliminary assessment of the foal’s health.

Breeding Advice

Breeding Advice - Veterinary Associates Equine

Starting with the right mare is one of the keys to successful breeding. At the start of the breeding season, mares should be in good body condition but not overweight, and should be up to date with their vaccinations, deworming, dentistry, and farriery.

Management of Pregnant Mares

It is easy to forget that broodmares require year-round management to remain healthy, produce a healthy foal, & be in good condition. Read on.