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Stem Cell/IRAP© and
PRP Treatment

Multiple therapeutic methods are available for the treatment of joint, ligament and tendon injuries. The three therapeutic methods we offer include Stem cell therapy, platelet rich plasma (PRP), and IRAP©. Our vets are able to give you a tailored rehabilitation plan for your horse, plus use multiple imaging techniques to monitor how the lesion is healing.

Stem cell therapy involves using bone marrow derived stem cells to inject into tendon lesions to promote faster healing and a quicker, more reliable rehabilitation plan. The bone marrow is generally collected from your horses sternum.

Platelet Rich plasma involves collecting a blood sample from your horse, spinning it down, collecting the plasma from the top of the sample and injecting it into the tendon or ligament injury to aid in healing.

IRAP©, also involves taking a sample of your horses blood, but this time we are collecting a specific anti-inflammatory agent from the blood, amplifying the amount of this agent, and then injecting it most often into your horses joint to treat arthritis and synovitis.

Our surgeon, Dr Lacy Kamm (DACVS), is experienced in all these methods and is able to answer any questions you would have.

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