Regular dental care is an important part of your horses health and well-being. Your horse should have their teeth examined twice a year by a qualified veterinarian to ensure no abnormalities are present which would impact on their ability to eat normally and remain comfortable. All our experienced dental veterinarians have been through an intensive course to ensure you are getting the best care for your horse. Some horses may need their teeth done more frequently, depending on diet and age of the horse.

Our ambulatory vets are able to bring all necessary equipment for routine procedures to your farm, this includes sedation and pain relief which often make the experience more comfortable for the horse and mean a more thorough examination can be conducted. Otherwise more intensive cases are able to be brought to our purpose built, hospital facility, where our surgeon is available if needed.

All of our vets have had extensive training in modern dental techniques and we are fully equipped to provide a comprehensive and professional dental service both at your yard and at our state of the art equine hospital.