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Buying a horse? Make sure
it's right for you

Purchasing a horse can be a big investment.
You want to make sure you are not only buying a healthy horse but also one that is suitable for your specific needs.
Our thorough pre-purchase inspection will give you the right information to help you buy the right horse with confidence.

A pre-purchase veterinary examination of a horse is a thorough “nose-to-tail” clinical examination, which is usually performed when a client is looking to buy a horse. It can be compared to a mechanic having a look over a car and giving it a “warrant of fitness” prior to its purchase.

It requires a declaration to be completed and signed by both buyer and seller, disclosing all known issues and any pertinent history and stating all further diagnostics which the buyer would like performed during the examination.

The Pre-Purchase Examination (PPE)
can be divided into 2 parts:

A stage 1-2 PPE involves the veterinarian identifying and performing a thorough physical examination of the horse at rest, followed by an examination at the walk, trot, backing and turning. Flexion tests of the limbs will also be performed.

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A stage 1-5 PPE includes the above, but additionally involves observing the horse during and immediately after strenuous exercise, followed by a post-exercise physical examination and a repeat assessment walking, trotting, backing and turning.

Further diagnostic tests which may be requested including:

Having a PPE performed prior to buying a horse gives buyers peace of mind that there are no obvious or subtle abnormalities present prior to purchase which could affect the horse at a later date.


If the seller or vendor is not a client of Veterinary Associates and you are looking to get a pre-purchase examination done, please download this buyers statement (you can right click & download or save as): 

If the seller or vendor is an existing Veterinary Associates client and you are looking to get a pre-purchase examination done please download this buyers statement (you can right click & download or save as):  

If you are the owner or seller of the horse, please download the owners statement below (you can right click & download or save as):

Download the updated Waiver of Information form below (you can right click & download or save as):


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